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Professional Ear Wax Removal Service


"I would recommend this to anyone”

"I decided to have private treatment for ear irrigation in both ears because there was a 6/7 week wait for this to be done on the NHS. The treatment was carried out by Pam who explained everything clearly and concisely before commencing the procedure. She was very thorough and the result has been that I can now hear again clearly in both ears. I would recommend this to anyone and would say it was good value for the money it cost.

The clinic was spotlessly clean and well presented. Everything was organised and the procedure carried out with a minimum of fuss Overall I would say it better than I expected”

Stephen Wrexham

"Very effective job and communication was excellent”

"I got in touch with Pam because my 93 year old aunt who has lost her sight and is more or less house-bound needed the wax removing from her ears. I had had difficulty before getting a nurse to come to the house to do the job. Pam was brilliant. She gave very precise instructions for my aunt's carer on how to prepare for the treatment. She responded very quickly to all communications, kept in touch with me and did a very effective job.”

Fiona Shrewsbury

"Poor hearing due to build up of wax"

"Both ears irrigated after suffering with poor hearing due to a build up of ear wax. Pam at Ear Care Solutions required me to put olive oil drops into my ears for seven days prior to attending her clinic for treatment. I was extremely impressed with Pam at Ear Solutions and would recommend her to anyone who has hearing loss due to 'wax in their ears'. Pam fully explained the treatment and quickly removed the wax from both my ears; thereby fully restoring my hearing. She gave me clear guidance on ways of preventing a build up of ear wax in the future. The cost was very reasonable and far better than my joining a 7 week NHS waiting list to have my ears irrigated. My impression is entirely favourable.”

Ted Wrexham

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